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Know wig style

As a first wig buyer ,it’s actually important to know which wig style you exactly want . Generally, there are 5 wig styles in total : wave wig, curly wig, straight wig , kinky straight wig, and bob wigs.

Wide varieties of wigs sometimes make us feel indecisive , so choose the best wig style you like and then we could move forward to next . For example ,bob wig is the great choice for summer weather . And in other season a long sexy wig style is more recommended ,it’s up to personal preference . Please note that for all wave or curly wigs ,don’t wash them too hard ,or the texture would be looser a little bit then its original.

Know hair texture & color

We only sell Indian remy hair texture wigs in our website. The reason is simply . Indian remy hair is premium quality hair from India,100% human hair .In Remy hair, the cuticles on all the strands of hair are aligned in the same direction. This contributes to its healthy, soft texture feeling . Quality hair texture comes with adorable price ,so that’s why we recommend Indian remy hair more for beginners.

Most people may have misunderstanding in hair colors . Here we would like to let our customers know : only wigs in natural black color are not been processed . They are 100% virgin and natural . For other colors are dyed from them . But due to its human hair character ,so they are able to re-color ,re-curl ,straighten and so on . Please note we don’t suggest doing that too often ,or it might damage the hair.

Know hair density & length

Hair density is the volume of hairs in a wig. Hair length is the height of the hair . For wig wearers ,it’s quite tangling in choosing hair density and length . So there is no puzzling here ,all density and hair length are installed . We did research on it ,those standard density and length give wig a more natural and comfortable look.

Know cap size

Average and petite size wigs are available in stock . Check here to know how to take your own measurements . And then check our standard measurements to choose which size is more suit for you.

Know cap construction

There are glueless lace cap and cap needs glue two types of cap construction . More and more people now prefer the glueless lace cap construction which is more convenience and easier to wear .For some people like alopecia petient have speical request ,we also offer cap construction which is glue needed.