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Best Hair Color for Dark Skin Tone, Ideas for Black Women

Best Hair Color for Dark Skin Tone, Ideas for Black Women

What is the best hair color for dark skin? Sometimes deciding a good hair color for dark skin toned women can be a difficult task. But did you know that you can wear blonde, red, ombre and most of the brown hair colors? Here are the best hair color ideas for dark sin, including darker and lighter shades and hues that would look perfect for black people.


Red Hair Color for Dark Skin (and Burgundy)

Red is perfect. It will give you the absolute contrast since red hair color shades can really add some glow into your skin tone. One thing you should know is that red is a color and not just a level. Therefore, to determine the best red hair color for dark skin tone, you need to understand the right level of red to go with. Eg,please see below picture:


Blonde Hair Colors for Dark Skin: Dark, Strawberry and Golden Blonde

African Americans are generally categorized as people of medium skin tone. Now, since your skin has more pigment to it, or color, it is fine to add color to your hair and a few shades of blonde, when done well, will be a good idea.




Best Brunette, Brown Hair Color for Dark Skin    

There is a wide range of this hue, and you can start from light to golden reds, but which one will look cute for a dark skin tone? Generally, you can try different shades, starting from honey brown, golden brown, light and dark brown. Caramel browns will also look great on women and men of African American origin.  You simply want to select a rich shade of brunette and that will include toffee, espresso, honey, golden brown and much more to suit your hair. Highlights of light brown will also do great if you want to brighten up your looks, perhaps to match your clothes or outfits.


Highlights for Dark Skin Tones

Always try highlights if you want to be even more flattering. For example, if you dye your hair brown, bronze, light red or auburn, consider trying blonde highlights. If you went with black hair or a deep brown shade, choose medium brown highlights. One tip to remember is that your highlights should concentrate around the face and the area on the top of your head in order to produce more realistic and the most flattering looks.




Dont afraid to try new things ,girls ! What it gonna turns out will surprise you.

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